Friday, 30 September 2011

Make a....cushion

If you managed to sew a pencil case, at intermediate school, you can make this cushion.  Its a party at the front, business at the back approach, that translates to using a designer fabric for the front, and a cheaper fabric for the back, which means you only need half as much of the designer fabric, so Fab4less.... I've taken apart two black Broadway Republic Revolution cushions from the warehouse, and re-used the zip, cushion pad and one side of the fabric as the backing.  The front fabrics are both Neisha Crossland (a british textile designer), one a printed black wool and  the other a printed silk.

How to Make it..........

Either unpick your  pre-made cushion including the zip, or get two squares of fabric 45cm by 45cm that work with your designer fabric
  Get 2 squares of 45cm by 45cm designer fabric
With right sides together sew the front piece to the back piece, this will be the side of the cushion where the zip will go, so position the front pattern accordingly.
Using a zipper foot, pin a 35cm dress zip and sew the zip onto the seam you have just sewn, making sure it is exactly centred.  You will need a zipper foot to do this
Open up the seam where the zip runs to expose the zip.
Open the zip, pin right sides together across remaining 3 sides, sew seam opposite zip first, then sew the remaining 2 sides.
Turn inside out to show right sides of fabric.
Insert cushion pad and you're done!!

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